Monday, January 2, 2012

5 Small Steps to Help Ring-In Your New Year Fitness Resolution Right

Here are five small steps that will help you get fit and lose those pesky holiday pounds…you know that five to ten pound plus weight gain that seems to be hovering right about above your pant line to create a horrifying muffin top. These steps may seem small, but I promise if you implement them daily you’ll see some big results—faster than you think!
1. Climb the stairs. Climbing stairs is one of the best ways to green your lifestyle and burn a few extra bonus calories during your day. According to this American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) study conducted, you’ll burn about .11 calories climbing up each stair, and .05 calories descending each stair. This approximates to burning 10 calories per minute. Plus, although elevators do not expend much electricity (approximately 5 kWH per floor), everything DOES add up—or every little bit helps save our planet. For example walking up and down 3 flights of stairs instead of using an elevator saves 15 kWh a day or 450 kWh per month. That’s enough to power a 37″ Plasma TV for 3 hours. Or if you live in a high rise in a densely populated city, primarily using stairs will save your car the energy equivalent of more than 1 gallon of gasoline per month.
2. Add an extra ten minutes of cardio to your regular cardio routine. On average most people will burn about 80 calories in ten minutes. Multiply that times three to four times per week and you’ll increase your calorie burn by roughly 250 or an extra 1,000 calorie per month.
3. Lift weights to lose weights. Weight lifting helps build and maintain lean tissue. On average lean tissue burns six calories per pound per day (defined as your Resting Metabolic Rate) versus two calories for a pound of fat per day. Plus, lean tissue takes one-fifth the space of fat—not to mention the positive aesthetics of having a sleek, defined physique.
4. Curb your alcohol consumption. Most cocktails have 350+ calories per glass. Alcohol is a simple sugar flavored with highly caloric sugary syrups and/or juices, which are digested first by your gut. As your gut can process about 600 calories per meal (and most meals are about 500 calories), you’ll be storing on average 300++ calories of FAT every time you have a cocktail with your meal. If your goal is to lose weight, I recommend you limit your wine to a four once pour or cocktail to only two drinks per week. Stick to the “Skinny Cocktails” that are flavored with lower calorie alcohol and sugar free sweeteners such as my Skinny Margarita.
5. Eat on a salad plate. Today most plates are twelve inches in diameter. That’s three inches more than they were twenty years ago. In other words we’ve super-sized our appetites—and waistlines too! Most salad plates are seven inches in diameter, so eating your meals on a salad plate will automatically portion control your intake by roughly one third. (Just make sure you don’t pile your plate.)
THE MATH: Weight loss is a mathematical equation. Food consumed daily + (-) calories burned exercising – daily calories burned (~2,220) = Weight Loss (or sadly gained). So let’s deduct and then add up all the calories my five simple steps listed above will approximately save you in a week:
STEP 1: Figure 10 minutes/day climbing stairs x 7 = 700 calories/week
STEP 2: Figure ~300 calories/week
STEP 3: Adding 15 minutes of weight lifting 3 times/week will help you burn ~500
STEP 4: -350 calories x 4/week and switch to 2 skinny cocktails (100 calories
each) = -1,200 calorie debit
STEP 5: Eating on a 7” plate will delete ~1/3 from your daily caloric intake or
1,500 calories/day versus ~2,200 calories/day keeping you status quo.
This will yield a -700/calorie/day or -3,500/week debit.
These steps will equal a ~6,200 calorie loss per week or approximately a 1 ¾ pound weight loss per week. So what are you “weighting” for? Get stepping NOW and good luck:)!
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