Thursday, December 8, 2011

The New 3D Fat BURN Fusion DVD is here!

The new Fat BURN Fusion video is here! This DVD gives you two fat-blasting High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fusion workouts using the total body core, 3-dimensional, constant resistance CORE TRANSFORMER® system that keeps you in your customized, MAXIMUM fat-burning zone. You’ll build lean muscle in all the right places, plus you’ll sculpt your shoulders and back, tame that triceps jiggle, build a tighter butt, and build core strength for flat abs and a strong back. To purchase the new Fat BURN Fusion Kit  click here. Save 25% versus buying the Fat BURN Fusion DVD and specialty Core Transformer Band separately and get FREE SHIPPING (for a limited time only).

Workout 1: The 30-Minute 3D Fat BURN Fusion Standing and Mat Fusion Workout is based upon the popular Hollywood CORE TRANSFORMER® group fitness class that’s been packing them in with standing room-only at Crunch WeHo. It’s the perfect combination of standing total-body ab and core work and core-mat work that blends functional training with yoga and Pilates inspired moves—all intensified by using the constant, 3-dimensional resistance of the CORE TRANSFORMER® tubing method. By blending standing moves followed by mat exercises, your body will resist the challenge to plateau, so you’ll be burning maximal calories all the way through! At 30 minutes, it’s a well-rounded workout that easily fits into any busy lifestyle.
Workout 2: The bonus 15-Minute Quick HIIT TORCH athletic performance workout is a sure-fire routine to blitz hundreds of calories in a jiffy. It will also boost your metabolism—the rate at which you burn calories all day long--with our best belly fat burning total body core movement progression sequences. 
*The CORE TRANSFORMER® is eco-friendly and made from natural, sustainable rubber trees.
About the Creator: Core performance guru Linda LaRue, RN MEd, ATC creator of the CORE TRANSFORMER®, is a Registered Nurse and Athletic Trainer with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine from the University of Virginia. She has been a pioneer in functional, total body core performance training for 20 years. As a Master Personal Trainer and fitness instructor, she has consulted with top health and fitness experts, and professional sports teams.
Teri Ann Krefting is the dynamic lead talent for the 15 Minute Quick TORCH HIIT Challenge. Teri Ann is a certified personal trainer, sought-after veteran workout DVD star, and one of Hollywood’s hottest group instructors. With Teri Ann expertly cueing and motivating you through these challenging workouts, you’ll sweat, smile and melt body fat fast!
DURATION: Approx 50 min.

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